International Projects

One of the missions of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) is to contribute to a sustainable knowledge society with people at the starting point; a place where there is plenty of scope for innovation and experimentation in partnerships with other organisations.

The HU is working closely with the municipality and the province of Utrecht on projects, such as the Science Park and the international partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce, with the ultimate aim of turning Utrecht into a highly dynamic region.

Internationalisation is high on the agenda. The Dutch economy, politics and judiciary is being increasingly influenced by Europe, but also by developments in other regions. The Netherlands is a multicultural society and the students at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht represent around one hundred different nationalities. We see this diversity as one of our strengths. We want all our students and staff to possess intercultural skills, so diversity will continue to form an integral part of our curriculum, teaching practices, personnel policy, student policy, culture, management and communication policy.