Self-Assessment Tool for Applied Research Skills

This project is finished.

Aim and target group

In consultation with a number of faculties within HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, we developed a self-assessment tool that teachers in higher professional education can use to assess their research skills. The emphasis is on participating in the research being carried out by the research groups. The tool covers the entire research process, from acquiring assignments to disseminating knowledge products. It describes a number of parameters and conditions that are specific to the context of higher professional education. The tool is development-oriented, but can also be used in the context of selection, under certain conditions. 

Relevance to education

Strengthens the connection between teaching and research. 


From the Faculty of Society and Law. 


The validation study is currently ongoing.

Professors and researchers involved

  • Daan Andriessen, professor
  • René Butter, senior lecturer, researcher
  • Martine Ganzevles, researcher
  • Jonas Moons, researcher

Methodology of Practice-Based Research

About the Research Group