Social Support Act Utrecht

This project is finished.

The advent of the Social Support Act (WMO) has brought about major changes in the field of care and welfare. It is an innovation that demands a lot from citizens, professionals and government alike. How can they best deal with the WMO, and what skills do they need? And how do communities shape the new cooperation with health care institutions and voluntary organizations? The WMO Workshop, an initiative of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, looks at these and other questions. A number of universities of applied sciences and research groups have developed their own programme for these workshops in their own region. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and three research groups from KSI are involved in the WMO Workshop Utrecht for the Utrecht / Amersfoort area.

New ways of working
Over three years, the group will identify, develop and evaluate new methods in care and welfare. The results of this will be made available to municipalities, organizations in the health and welfare sector and other interested parties. Additionally, the results will be translated into programmes in adult and social education at universities of applied sciences.

Social Participation
The WMO Workshop Utrecht is also working to achieve the objectives of the social support act: greater autonomy and increased social participation by (vulnerable) citizens. The starting point is the principle of ‘community care’ - care in or by the community. This specifically concerns the role that can be played by professionals from universities of applied sciences.

The first phase of this project got underway in 2010, when the programme was first put together with the municipalities, the province of Utrecht and various organizations in health care, welfare and other interested groups. This phase ended in the autumn of 2012. That is when the second phase of the WMO Workshop Utrecht began, which will also continue for three years.

The WMO Monitor Client Interests project is part of the WMO Workshop.

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