Project U-tope is the development of a completely self-sufficient, luxury, vacation home. The development of this project comes from the collaborative effort between Naked Architecure , Atelier Willem Noyons and the Hogeschool Utrecht. The prototype is being designed and built by a team of engineering students.

There is a high degree of innovation in the U-tope. The self-sustainability in the design will hold true for the electric and water supply. Also to combine a high level of comfort with the versatility of the home is quite a feat. Because the U-tope is designed to have a high level of self-sustainability and mobility, it is a very flexible project with many possibilities.

The main goal is to discover the possibilities of sustainability in a vacation home with the first step being the building of a prototype. The main aspects of the projects are its practicality and compatibility. The purpose of building a prototype is to gather information about the project and to use the information we learn to build a second prototype. Through the information we gather from this build, future prototypes will be built by students and businesses alike