Research typology

This project is finished.

Aim and target group

We carry out research on behalf of the research groups of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht into the different types of research that are carried out at the university. This descriptive research project provides an overview of the designs and methods used for applied research and the motives of researchers for choosing a particular research design. 


A sample was taken from all the publications emanating from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. At the moment, an analysis is taking place of 123 coded publications. Interviews were also held with 15 researchers. 

Professors and researchers involved

Daan Andriessen, lecturer
René Butter, researcher
Lisette Munneke, researcher
Martine Ganzevles, researcher
Dan Greve, researcher
Karien Hagemeijer, researcher
Karlijn Karsten, researcher
Irene van der Marel, researcher
Jonas Moons, researcher