The impact of issue-based positioning on the purchase of socially responsible product innovations

This PhD research focuses on putting sustainable products (particularly animal-friendly products) on the market, and the role that emotions play in this. The research is being done in the context of issues that feature in the media that influence the emotions of consumers.
The sustainable aspect(s) of a product can be reinforced by adding value for the consumer. Sensory, emotional or social value can make sustainability more attractive.
The study serves two purposes:
1. to investigate the effectiveness of various value-based positioning strategies;
2. to test which factors influence the relationship between the consumer and the sustainable product, such as the personal characteristics of the consumer and the corporate social responsibility policy of the manufacturer.
This research will give businesses and NGOs a better understanding of how animal-friendly products can be marketed effectively.
The research is being carried out by Lenka van Riemsdijk, under the supervision of Dr Paul Ingenbleek, Professor Hans van Trijp and Professor Gerrita van der Veen.
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Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

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