Development of eHOME, mobile instrument for reporting, monitoring, and consulting drug-related problems in Home Care

Looptijd: September 2014 - March 2017
Status (lopend of afgerond): Finished
Kenniscentrum: Research Centre for Healthy and Sustainable Living
Lectoraat: Chronic Illnesses
Betrokken lector: Professor Dr. M.J. Schuurmans, Dr. E.R. Heerdink
Betrokken onderzoekers: PhD student N.E. Dijkstra, Dr. C.G.M. Sino
Bijbehorend promotieonderzoek: Prevention of drug-related problems in the home situation (N.E. Dijkstra)
Betrokken opleidingen: (Post) Bachelor of Nursing
URL website project: Nienke Dijkstra


Doel en doelgroep:
The objective of this project was to develop an electronic HOME system (eHOME), a mobile version of the Home care Observation of Medication-related problems by home care Employees (HOME)-instrument that includes a monitoring and a consulting system for professionals in primary care. The system is developed in collaboration with the end-users (e.g. home care professionals, general practitioners and pharmacists) by means of a human-centered design approach.

Relevantie voor de beroepspraktijk/maatschappelijke relevantie:
The eHOME system supports home care professionals in reporting drug-related problems during care provision. Besides it provides the monitoring of problems over time and consultation of problems with general practitioner and pharmacists in primary care. Information of drug-related problems monitored over time provides valuable information for medication reviews.

Relevantie voor het onderwijs:
Students of the (post) Bachelor Nursing program learns as a professional nurse for diverse CanMEDS Roles to recognize drug-related problems, organizing collaboration with other health care professionals (home care workers, general practitioners and pharmacists) by efficient communication of problems for safer medication care.

Various partners are involved in this project: University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Health Base Heath Code, home care organizations (Omring, Zorgbalans and Vierstroom), ZONH care optimization Noord-Holland and CodeYellow.

VGZ health insurance

By using an iterative design approach and by involving home care professionals, general practitioners, and pharmacists throughout the process eHOME was developed. The eHOME-instrument was found to be an easy-to-use system.


The HealthCode foundation and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht ( implements the system in primary care settings in the Netherlands.