Develop common assessment model for economics degree programmes in higher professional education (HBO)

Dit project is afgerond.

Aim and target group

The degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Economics & Management at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht would like to start working with a common model for assessing final assignments. The challenge here is that ten different degree programmes are involved, each with different learning outcomes. 

Relevance to education

Many HBO degree programmes are working on improving the quality of their graduation procedures. Good assessment models with which to assess the performance of graduates are an essential aspect of this. 


The project has produced a new assessment form which includes, on the one hand, performance criteria which relate to the investigative skills of the student, while on the other hand there is also room for specific performance criteria that relate to learning outcomes of that degree programme. 


The form has been incorporated into the graduation process for all programmes and is to be evaluated after one year. 

Those involved

  • Daan Andriessen, professor
  • Irene van der Marel, researcher
  • All degree programmes within the Faculty of Economics & Management 


Andriessen, D. and Van der Marel, I. (in press) ‘Towards a joint assessment model for theses in higher professional education’. Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs

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