Drug-related problems and the clinical impact in home care patients

Looptijd: May 2017 - October 2018
Status (lopend of afgerond): ongoing
Kenniscentrum: Research Centre for Healthy and Sustainable Living
Lectoraat: Chronic Illnesses
Betrokken lector: Dr. E.R. Heerdink
Betrokken onderzoekers: PhD student N.E. Dijkstra, Dr. C.G.M. Sino
Bijbehorend promotieonderzoek: Prevention of drug-related problems in the home situation (N.E. Dijkstra)
Betrokken opleidingen: (Post) Bachelor of Nursing
URL website project: Nienke Dijkstra


Doel en doelgroep:
The aim of this project is to perform retrospective analysis of drug-related problems in a cohort of home care patients. In this cohort drug-related problems are reported in an one-year time period. In this project is to analyze the extent of drug-related problems and the clinical impact thereof.

Relevantie voor de beroepspraktijk/maatschappelijke relevantie:
Up till now the extent and the clinical impact of drug-related problems measured during routine care
is unknown.

Relevantie voor het onderwijs:
Students of the Institute of Nursing Studies (i.e. students of the Bachelor Nursing program and the Post Bachelor course Nursing in Gerontology and Geriatrics) are trained to recognize the problems that cause clinical discomfort and deterioration.

Various partners are involved in this project: University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, University Utrecht and home care organization (Vierstroom).

Results are expected in October 2018.