The organization of the medication therapy in home by frail home living older people.

Looptijd: April 2018 - October 2018
Status (lopend of afgerond): ungoing
Kenniscentrum: Research Centre for Healthy and Sustainable Living
Lectoraat: Chronic Illnesses
Betrokken lector: Dr. E.R. Heerdink
Betrokken onderzoekers: PhD student N.E. Dijkstra, Dr. C.G.M. Sino
Bijbehorend promotieonderzoek: Prevention of drug-related problems in the home situation (N.E. Dijkstra)
Betrokken opleidingen: Bachelor of Nursing
URL website project: Nienke Dijkstra


Doel en doelgroep:
In this project home visits will be performed to interview frail home living older people with the aim to inventory people behavior in several aspects of the medication organization.

Relevantie voor de beroepspraktijk/maatschappelijke relevantie:
Information on aspects of the medication management is needed so that nurses can inform and advise frail home living older people to optimize medication management.

Relevantie voor het onderwijs:
Within this project students of the Bachelor Nursing program perform home visits so that they can use the research skills of the Bachelor Nursing program such as perform informed consent process, inclusions of older people based in criteria and using interview techniques in practice. Furthermore they learn how frail home living older people organize several aspects of the medication therapy and to support patients in these aspects to improve the organization.

Various partners are involved in this project: University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and several home care organizations in Utrecht.

Results are expected in October 2018.