Internationalisation and the Professional Image of the Teacher

Project Data

Project Name: Internationalisation and the Professional Image of the Teacher
Working Title Dissertation: A little less balance in new teachers’ professional development. An international teaching internship as a significant personal experience in becoming a teacher.
Duration: 1 September 2013 - 1 September 2017 (...)
Status (Ongoing or Completed): ongoing
Knowledge Centre: Learning and Innovation
Research Group: Normative Professionalization
Supervising Lecturer: Prof. Cok Bakker
Researchers: Peter Mesker (PhD candidate)
Training Centre: Institute Archimedes

Project Description

This research project explores how the interruption of an international teaching experience affects the manner in which the teacher interprets himself and his teaching practice. The context of the research is both an internship abroad and the first year of the induction phase. This case study explores how an international teaching internship affects new teachers’ professional development during the transition from training to work.

Scientific Relevance

The work of teachers is largely determined by their personal experiences. They have gained these experiences as students, but also as student teachers and as new teachers. A number of key experiences shapes student teachers’ professional beliefs, which determines their views on good education once they are teachers. And because teachers make many small and large decisions in their daily work, which have a certain moral content, it is relevant to examine how those beliefs are formed and how teachers reflect on them. This study provides empirical examples of how an international teaching experience (1) functions in the framework of Biesta’s pedagogy of interruption, and of (2) the continued effect that such an experience has on new teachers’ personal interpretative framework (Kelchtermans).

Practical Relevance

The research project provides insight into how an international experience can be of value for new teachers’ professional development.. It also provides insight into how an international experience can help new teachers during the transition from studies to work in the induction phase.