Effective nursing interventions to prevent malnutrition in elderly: a systematic review.

Looptijd: January 2015 - present
Status (lopend of afgerond): in progress
Kenniscentrum: Research Centre for Healthy and Sustainable Living
Lectoraat: Chronic Illnesses
Betrokken lector: Professor Dr. M.J. Schuurmans
Betrokken onderzoekers: PhD candidate D. ten Cate, Dr. R.G.A. Ettema
Bijbehorend promotieonderzoek: Early nursing nutrition intervention to prevent malnutrition before and after hospitalization in community-dwelling elderly (D. ten Cate)
Betrokken opleidingen: Bachelor of Nursing
URL website project: Debbie ten Cate


Doel en doelgroep:
Identification of effective nursing interventions that prevent malnutrition in the elderly. This systematic review about effective interventions is one of the preparatory steps in the development of the nursing nutrition intervention.

Relevantie voor de beroepspraktijk/maatschappelijke relevantie:
To gain insight into effective nursing interventions that are described in studies of methodological high quality. These interventions might be used in healthcare practice to prevent malnutrition in the elderly.

Relevantie voor het onderwijs:
Students learn that interventions which are described in the literature and are proven to be effective may be useful in their own nursing practice. Students learn to value the interventions described in the literature and in this respect develop their research competences.

Various partners are involved in this project: University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Research Group Basic Care Revisited.


Results of this study are used as a building block for the intervention to be developed. Results of the research were presented at two international conferences.

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