Crew rest experience

Project Goal

To explore the resting-experience of international Flight Attendants (FA), and to design an improved aircraft resting- area that should facilitate FA to prefer the rest area above a business-class seat.

Research Question

Which issues determine the quality of the rest-experience and to what degree does cultural background contribute to this perception?

Project Description

Driessen Aerospace has much expertise in engineering, regulations, and project management, but simultaneously is in transition to a more user-driven design approach. Therefore, next to the actual project results , the project also served as an introduction to a new design approach for Driessen.
Based on context mapping sessions with a small group of Dutch FA, the world of “professional resting in aircrafts” was explored. Subsequently, several Dutch frequent flyers were trained to become a “field researcher”. Using our research-KIT during their flights, they investigated the experiences and preferences of Chinese and Japanese FA. From an enormous amount of information, insights and themes were distilled that were translated into three life- size personas. Also, the co-design process was communicated into a set of cards, which are now part of the standard Driessen-design approach.


Augustus 2010 - December 2011

Funded by

Driessen Aerospace

Project team

Remko van der Lugt
Fred Montijn
Frens Pries (graduate student TU Delft)


Minor Co-Design Studio (HU) Limerick University Ireland


Driessen Aerospace
Pilots and FAs from Delta Airlines Various Dutch frequent flyers


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