Yvonne Jordens

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Function: Researcher, PhD candidate
Research Group: Chronic Illnesses

Email: yvonne.jordens@hu.nl

Telephone: 0614215838

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Yvonne Jordens, MSc, RN (1991) has been working as a PhD student at the Chronic Sickness Group since June 2016. Her doctoral research focuses on the national implementation and further development of the PREDOCS program (PREvention Decline in Older Cardiac Surgery patients).

Due to the double aging and improved surgical and anesthetic techniques, more and more elderly people are admitted to hospital for an operation. Each year, 12,500 elderly patients (≥ 65 years) undergo open heart surgery. This is accompanied by an increase in the number of complications in this patient group. Meanwhile, almost half of this group experiences a complication, such as delirium, depression, pressure ulcer or infection. These patients enter the hospital with a lower health level than average. This makes them extra vulnerable for postoperative complications. The result: longer hospital stay and a lower quality of life after hospitalization. To prevent this, older people should be better prepared for a hospital admission. The PREDOCS preparation consultation has been developed for this in a previous research program.
Yvonne believes it is important that knowledge actually ends up in practice, so that patients receive the care they deserve. As part of her doctoral research, she investigate the implementation of the PREDOCS program in twelve of the sixteen cardiac surgical centers in the Netherlands. The key question is: How do we ensure that the available knowledge is implemented in practice, so that patients actually receive better care? Which barriers and facilitators do professionals experience when implementing this nursing intervention? In addition, she is researching how the PREDOCS program can be further developed, so that as many cardio surgical patients as possible benefit. Since 2018, data collection has started to develop a similar intervention for patients undergoing gastroenterological surgery.

In 2015, Yvonne received her master's degree in Clinical Health Sciences at Utrecht University. Her graduation research focused on the effect of the PREDOCS program on postoperative care complications in Isala, Zwolle. Yvonne graduated in 2012 at the Nursing program at the Hogeschool Windesheim. In recent years she has worked as a nurse in Isala. Currently she works also as ‘Consultant Nursing research and Evidence Based Practice (EBP)’ in Isala. Her aim is to make it possible for nurses to conduct research. She supports nurses to provide care according to the latest insights. Here she is the link between research and practice.

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