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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Cross-Media Business


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When my brother got a toy car, he started playing with it. When I got a toy car, I started to take it apart to see how it is built. That is how my grandma used to illustrate my curiousness about how things work. And I not only wonder how something is build, but also why ‘the maker’ made it that way. My parents of course also saw my interest in technical stuff. So after primary school they send me to a technical school. There I could do woodworking, metalworking, electrical stuff, etcetera. Heaven on earth for people who like to work with their hands, like me

However, I also figured out I’m not only good with my hands but I am also blessed with good brains. So I went on studying telecommunications before studying Media Technology at the Utrecht University of Applied Science, where I received my Bachelor of Engineering degree in 2007. During an internship at TNO - the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - I got more interested in science. So in 2008 I started with a master Media Technology at the Leiden University.

Even before I received my master degree, I was asked to give lectures at the bachelor study of Communication and Multimedia Design. After I was told that I could combine teaching with doing research at the Crossmedia lab, I was convinced that this is the right place for me. A perfect combination of gaining and transferring knowledge!

Cross-Media Business

Cross-Media Business

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