Rob Gründemann

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Function: Professor
Research Group: Organising change in the public domain


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Rob Gründemann studied General Sociology at Utrecht University and gained a PhD in 1998 from the University of Amsterdam with his research into the link between labour market participation and disability benefit.

He has worked at TNO - a major research and consultancy organization - since 1976, in its Participation & Social Cohesion Unit. He is currently a senior researcher and consultant on employing low-skilled workers.

Since 1 February 2007, he has been a professor within the Organising change in the public domain research group at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Gründemann works as a professor on the health policy of HU University of Applied Sciences, the professional scope of teaching staff in teams, and diversity policy; his work involves carrying out a range of research work and making use of the results obtained. He is also involved with projects in the field of the ageing population and career development for older workers.

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