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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Cooperative Entrepreneurship


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Dr. René van Dinten is a member of the research group Collaborative Entrepreneurship at the Research Centre for Innovation and Business since September 2015.
He is responsible for the research project ‘big data’, starting early in the academic year 2016-2017. In this project he will work together with NCR (National Board of Corporations). By conducting this research he aims to reveal the possibilities that big data can offer corporations and ways to execute their big data plans once formulated.
Furthermore he is interested in connecting education and research.

René works for ‘Hogeschool Utrecht’ (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht) since 1997. During five of these years he was one of the team leaders of the marketing field of study (part-time).
Beside this he supervised almost 200 students writing their bachelor thesis and gave lectures in marketing, organizational strategy, research skills and performance management.
Over the years he has developed a specialization in organizational strategy and performance management. He is the author of the study-book ‘Strategic and Operational Performance Management’ (third issue, 2016), used for the Business Management and the Management, Economics and Law fields of study.

He obtained the academic degree of doctor (PhD) at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, after having successfully defended a thesis entitled ‘Blockades in the process of achieving strategic alignment’. Strategic alignment refers to the process as well as the result of linking organizational strategy and corresponding objectives with every organizational unit and all employees. It is possible to expand strategic alignment with other organizations.
Thus, strategic alignment is necessary for inter-organizational collaboration, the main issue on which the research group focusses.
Earlier in his life he obtained teacher’s certificates to teach on a primary school and one that qualifies him to teach economics. Some years later he completed a study of marketing at a Dutch university (OU).

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