Remco Vasterink

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Function: teacher-researcher
Research Group: Science and Technology Education


Telephone: 06 - 34952343

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Remco Vasterink has been a member of the research group on didactics in science and technology education since September 2017. He is currently involved in research into the integration of the science subjects and interdisciplinary education in the teacher training courses of scientific subjects.

Remco studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Groningen. He worked for a number of years in the chemical industry and at the University of Utrecht, after which he started teaching in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. He also specialized in writing teaching materials for companies in the technical sector. After gaining the qualifications to teach Chemistry he has been working at the Hogeschool Utrecht since 2011. Besides being a teacher himself and training other teachers, he is also responsible for the bachelor’s and master’s curricula in Chemistry.

Research group Science and Technology Education

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