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Function: Lecturer, , Researcher
Research Group: Normative Professionalization


Telephone: (0031) 88 481 93 11

Dr. Peter Mesker (1969) is a senior lecturer and teacher educator at Institute Archimedes (teacher training programmes). He has been a research fellow at Research Group Normative Professionalization since September 2013. His research explores how the interruption of an international or intercultural teaching experience influences the way new teachers interpret their teaching practice and the teacher they want to become. Such experiences give educators insights in what new teachers believe to be ‘good education’ and how this affects their beliefs or agency in their professional practice.

Peter Mesker finished his PhD in 2018 at Utrecht University with his thesis A little less balance in new teachers’ professional development. An international teaching internship as a significant personal experience in becoming a teacher. This study explored how the interruption of an international teaching internship affects newly qualified teacher's personal interpretative framework, including their professional self-understanding during the transition from student teacher to teacher.


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