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Function: Professor
Research Group: Debt and Debt Collection


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Nadja Jungmann is professor in the Debt and Debt Collection research group at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. In addition, she runs her own management consultancy firm called Social Force.

Nadja Jungmann (born in 1974) studied Public Administration in Leiden. After completing her studies, she began a dissertation on the effects of the Dutch law on insolvency in individuals on the implementation of municipal debt assistance. From the very start she combined her doctoral research with the execution of policy and contract research. For example, she conducted an evaluation of the Dutch law on insolvency in individuals at the Scientific Research and Documentation Centre (WODC). She also conducted research into failure on behalf of the National Platform for Integrated Debt Assistance and she carried out research into creditor behaviour which was commissioned by the Dutch Association for Popular Credit (NVVK).

The Municipal Debt Assistance Act

In the final stages of her doctoral research, she worked as a senior researcher at the Council for Legal Aid. In that role, she spent several years developing the Monitor for Subsidized Legal Aid and then implementing it. After completing her PhD, she went to work as a consultant at the management consultancy firm Hiemstra & De Vries. In that role, she worked on issues such as reintegration, poverty policy and the Social Support Act, as well as debt assistance. During this period she conducted research including 'Debts? The Council can help!’, which led to the enactment of the Municipal Debt Assistance Act. She won the so-called ROA Impact Prize in 2009 for this research work.

The Law & Society Association

Jungmann wrote her doctoral thesis at Leiden University. She was for a long time affiliated to the Sociology of Law Department at Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2000 she has been active in an international research group which looks at debt issues and which meets annually at the conference of the Law & Society Association. She has been one of the coordinators of this group since 2011.

Social Force consultancy firm

In 2010, Jungmann set up the management consultancy firm Social Force. In the same year she started working at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht as professor in ‘Professional Practice of Law’. Now she is professor in 'Debt and Debt Collection’. Her research group seeks to contribute to effective, efficient and professional working practices in debt assistance and debt collection. As an advisor at Social Force, she aims to help debt relief organizations and creditors to perform better. By combining both positions, she seeks to underscore the social importance of reducing the debt problem.

Debt and Debt Collection

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