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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Technology for Healthcare Innovations

Email: mirjam.vantilborg@hu.nl

Telephone: 00 31 88 481 53 42

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Dr. Mirjam van Tilborg wondered herself since 1995 over the care given to patients with severe dry eye during her externship in Boston (VS). After that, she started to specialize herself in 1996, after graduation at the University of Applied Sciences to become an optometrist, in all different aspects of dry eye disease. At her own practice, she hears and sees the variety of problems patients with dry eye disease are facing.  Not only the disease and the management options but also the limitation of daily functioning has her interest at heart.

After completing her Master of Science at City university in London, she went to Cardiff University (Wales) to start and complete her PhD (2017) with the title “The role of primary healthcare in the management of work-related Dry Eye Disease in the Netherlands.”

Mirjam has built an international as a national network in the world of dry eye disease. Expanding and continuation is one priority. In the meanwhile, her focus is to combine research, education to better healthcare.  Especially to visual functioning for people with sub normal visual acuity. Special interest for worker in a modern office working environment, as the centralised control over temperature, humidity and airflow, presents a significant challenge to the tear film of the worker using a computer.  By using electronic devices decreased blink-rates will occur, alongside these environmental factors, provokes increased evaporation from the ocular surface and symptoms of dry eye, that combine to limited daily activities at work and also after workhours reducing quality of life.  By finishing her PhD at Cardiff University in Wales, the cooperation with Prof. Paul Murphy, University of Waterloo, continued with a focus to develop new methods of managing the problem. Not focusing at the pharmaceutical part to find the perfect eye drop, but looking at the new management tools and prevention.

Her knowledge of dry eye disease and general optometry, could be interprofessional used. In her believe visual science in general and the capability of visual functioning of people in certain environments are under estimated, the unfamiliarity with the force of a right environment to promote to function well could play an important role. This strength the commitment with the research group Technology for Healthcare Innovations of Prof. Helianthe Kort.


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