Maartje Harmelink

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Function: teacher-researcher
Research Group: Cross-media Communication in the Public Domain


Telephone: 00 31 63 01 84 323

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Maartje Harmelink has been working as a lecturer / researcher at the Cross-Media Communication Research Group in the Public Domain since 2015. She conducts discourse and conversation analytical research for program line 'Het gesprek'. Maartje was involved in different research projects such as The Next Level, Let's Talk Energy and Frames with Energy.

The results of these projects have been translated into training courses for professional practice: the Discours Analytical Glasses Crisis training course and the Discours Analytical Glasses Energy training course.

In November 2017, Maartje started a PhD trajectory in the Academic Medical Center from an interest in medical interaction. This project is aimed at improving the conversation between doctors and parents at the Neonatology Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

Maartje worked in the past as a communication and policy officer at the Zorg Innovatie Forum and as a researcher / lecturer at the UMCG and Hanzehogeschool. She graduated cum laude in communication at the University of Groningen.

Cross-media Communication in the Public Domain

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