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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Chronic Illnesses


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Linda Smit, MSc, RN (1989) works since September 1, 2015 as lecturer at the Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) and is a PhD student at the research group Chronic Diseases.
Within an ageing population, the number of older adults with chronic diseases and multimorbidity are rapidly increasing. Most older people would prefer to living independently at home for as long as possible. Being able to carry  out activities of daily living (ADL) such as bathing and dressing, and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) such as shopping are essential. It is therefore of interest to early identify those older people at risk for functional decline and to apply preventive, tailored care. Current preventive care programs have not shown convincing effects. Therefore, this doctoral research has two aims: First, it aims to unravel  the active components, working mechanisms, and content of multicomponent nurse-led care programs that aimed to maintain independent living in community-dwelling  older people. Secondly, this research examines which preventive interventions are successful in order to prevent or delay the loss of daily functioning of highly prevalent (I) ADLs in older people. A mixed-methods approach using both quantitative and qualitative data will be used. The results will inform clinical practice, research and (nursing) education aiming to prevent and/or diminish functional decline in community-dwelling older people.
In 2014, Linda completed her Master degree in Health Sciences, specializing in infectious diseases and public health at the VU University Amsterdam. Her master thesis was carried out at Isala Hospital in Zwolle on the topic infectious complications after complex surgery. After graduation she did further research at Isala and completed two articles on her thesis topic which are submitted for publication at this moment. Linda graduated as a nurse on bachelor degree in 2013 en in 2010 on MBO level. Since her education she works in a nursing home. Alongside her work as a PhD student, Linda still works with pleasure in health care.

  • September 2015 - present: PhD student at Utrecht University, Research Centre for Innovation in Health Care, Chronic Diseases. Promoter: Prof. dr. M.J. Schuurmans, Utrecht University. Co-supervisor: Dr. N. Bleijenberg.
  • September 2015 - present: Lecturer Bachelor of Nursing at Hogeschool Utrecht.
  • September 2014- September 2015: Health Scientist at the Departments of Surgery and Laboratory of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of Isala Hospital Zwolle.
  • January 2011- May 2013: Nurse at the nursing home care “Icare”.
  • July 2007-present: Nurse at the nursing home centre “Het Baken”.

Chronic Illnesses

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