Katarina Jerkovic-Cosic

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Function: Professor
Research Group: Research Group Innovations in Preventive Care

Email: katarina.jerkovic@hu.nl

Telephone: 06-23003608

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Katarina Jerković-Ćosić is a dental hygienist and clinical epidemiologist, interested in the possibilities of organizing preventive care differently so that preventive interventions reach the groups they most need.

Katarina graduated in 2000 as a dental hygienist at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. In 2002, she completed program in Teaching in health care at the Free University Amsterdam and in 2006 she obtained her Master's degree in Evidence Based Practice (EBP) at the University of Amsterdam. In her work as a teacher, research has quickly gained her interest. In addition to various teacher tasks, she coordinated the EBP program and was thesis coordinator at the dental hygiene school in Groningen. As a member of the research group at Hanze University, she conducted two studies, research into oral health of primary school children and research into the effects of task substitution in oral health care. The second study resulted in a PhD thesis completed in 2012 at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Groningen, titled “The relationship between career development and job (re) desing; The case of dental hygiene in the Netherlands.

Since 2012, she has been employed as an associate professor at Institute of Allied Health Care Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. During this period, she has contributed to the development of a research program and development within the team of dental hygiene and the Institute. A dental hygiene research group has been formed and few studies have been conducted with the teachers and students.
Katarina has been appointed as professor of the Research Group Innovations in Preventive Care since October 2016. The current research is focussed on the field of oral health care with special interest in chances for interprofessional  prevention. The findings and knowledge from these projects can be translated into other health care professions. Promoting the importance of preventive care, seeking ways to deploy preventive care more effectively and efficiently. From the broad perspective of primary prevention, the research group focuses on interprofessional approaches especially in screening and early detection and accessibility of preventive care for the individuals / groups most needed.

The members of the Research Group Innovations in Preventive Care are working on defining aims and research programs. There is a lot of attention for broadening (inter) national networks. Specifically for oral health care, the Research Group will focus on practice-based applied research focusing on primary and secondary prevention and the role and contribution of dental hygienist in this field. The Research Group aims to provide a solid knowledge base and evidence for preventive interventions and to stimulate the innovations in oral care.