Karen Hilhorst

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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Human Experience & Media Design

Email: karen.hilhorst@hu.nl

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I was born (1977) in Eindhoven and studied Communication at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Social Cultural Sciences at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In commission of Berenschot, a management consultancy, I wrote my thesis on organizational culture and leadership. After graduation in 2003 , I travelled through Asia and Australia for 6 months. After that I started working for Berenschot in Utrecht. I worked as a junior project manager at the Project Management Office. After that I worked at Nyenrode Business University as consultant for the corporate communications department and as a program manager for the New Board Program. After three and a half years I quit my job to follow my dream: traveling! I worked and travelled through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for four months, before starting as a project manager and communications consultant at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. The past four years I have worked on strategic communication projects, with a focus on internal communication and change. Besides that I developed a training program on effective communication and advising. After a short break of traveling through Malaysia I started in October 2011 as sr. project manager for the Human Experience & Media Design Research Group.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, cooking (Asian, Italian), playing tennis and cycling. I also enjoy visiting concerts and theater.

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