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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Cooperative Entrepreneurship


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Jolijn van Duijnhoven is part of the HU research group ‘Cooperative Entrepreneurship’. Her research is focused on entrepreneurial ecosystems. Her research is titled From idea to implementation: New business development through collaboration between intrepreneurs and entrepreurs within entrepreneurial ecosystems.
Her research focuses on the interaction within entrepreneurial ecosystems between established businesses and start ups and primarily on the implementation phase of new business development. The focus will thus be on the realization of new business development that has been developed by intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs because cases show that both parties are interested in collaboration and  have trouble with realizing ideas at the same time. The ideation and networking phase seems to work in most cases, but the actual realization  and implementation of a new business idea is not often reached due to different factors. By conducting this research she aims is to reveal which dynamics and conditions of an ecosystem  and established business can contribute to the actual realization of new business development.

She conducts this research as PhD Candidate at Utrecht University, where she is a member of the Strategy, Organization and Entrepreneurship (SOE) research group at Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.).  She is supervised by Prof. Erik Stam.

As lecturer in the ‘International Business Management Studies’ program, she teaches in the minor International Business for Emerging Markets, in which she is responsible for the course Global entrepreneurship. Within IBMS she teaches other subjects like Lean launch pad, Business ethics, Business at the bottom of the pyramid and Intercultural management. Currently she is developing a new course; Corporate governance and supervisor for graduation research assignments.
Furthermore she is coordinator for the minor Doing Business in China.  An intensive programme on Chinese language, Chinese culture and the Chinese business environment, organized in China’s most important and vibrant cities: Beijing, Wuhan and Shanghai.
In her role as academic coordinator, coordinator for Kofi Annan Business School foundations (KABS) at HU and coordinator for the first year she was responsible for the incoming exchange students,  the KABS students and she was responsible for all matters related to the IBMS propedeuse.

Over the last years Jolijn has developed a specialization in entrepreneurship  and doing business in emerging markets by combining her background in anthropology with the experience of teaching entrepreneurial and emerging market related courses. This has inspired Jolijn to start her research on Entrepreneurial ecosystems in which she can combine her knowledge on entrepreneurship with her experience in qualitative research.

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