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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Chronic Illnesses

Email: jita.hoogerduijn@hu.nl

Telephone: 06 23766320

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Jita Hoogerduijn PhD, associate professor, focuses on the care of the older hospitalized patients. In addition, she is also committed to the professionalism of nurses. In 2014 she developed a framework for the content of the nursing education regarding caring for the elderly. Hoogerduijn supervises one PhD student who developed an instrument for measuring knowledge of nurses in the hospital and one that focuses on improving the self management of elderly patients in hospital. She regularly gives lectures, presentations, (guest) lectures and (re) training focused on (hospital) care for the elderly, including presentations for the elderly themselves. She also has experience in organizing conferences in relation to vulnerable older people and functioning as chairman at such conferences. She maintains a close contact with the local Association of Older Persons and organizes lectures for the elderly in Utrecht, The Netherlands. She has years of experience in nursing education and in cooperation with international partners, both in terms of research and exchange of students and establishing and supervising (research) projects and internship for students.

Prevention of functional decline in older hospitalized patients

Hoogerduijn, attained the doctoral degree in 2011 at the Utrecht University. The dissertation focusses on prevention of functional decline in older hospitalized patients. The title of the dissertation is: Identification of older hospitalized patients at risk for functional decline. Supervisors: Prof M.J. Schuurmans PhD, RN (Utrecht University and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht) and Prof D.E. Grobbee MD PhD, RN (Utrecht University). Download dissertation.

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