Evert-Jan Velzing

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Function: teacher-researcher
Research Group: Cultural Changes in the Construction Sector

Email: evert-jan.velzing@hu.nl

Telephone: (0031) 6 14 63 57 18

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Dr. Evert-Jan Velzing has been studying innovation and innovation policy since 2008. He worked as a policy advisor for the Dutch Innovation Platform, as a researcher and adviser at Dialogic, as a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, and as a management consultant at Smart Group.

Since 2016 Evert-Jan works as a teacher and researcher at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. In his capacity as a researcher Evert-Jan is allied with the research group Building Future Cities. He studies the development of the Circular Economy at (manufacturing) companies in and around cities, and is executing a research project in the domain of Urban Energy. In his research projects Evert-Jan focusses on different themes, such as making better use of materials, improving (logistical) processes, cooperation within and between companies and applying new knowledge (innovation).

Within the education programme Industrial Engineering, Evert-Jan teaches Systems Engineering, Research Methodology, Product and Production Technology and Business Analysis. Major themes are processes within companies and dealing with complex systems. When teaching his experience as a management consultant is useful, he acquired this experience in sectors such as paper and pulp, chemical and metal industry. Based on his work as a management consultant, in 2017 Evert-Jan published a book about sustainable innovation: Samen staan we sterk – Duurzaam innoveren in de industrie.

Starting in 2009 Evert-Jan has been involved with the Foundation Industrial Policy and Communication (Stichting voor Industriebeleid en Communicatie (SIC)). The foundation SIC initiated his PhD research on innovation policy. In his PhD-thesis Evert-Jan Velzing reconstructed the innovation policy from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. He used three perspectives to study the different factors and stakeholders that influenced innovation policy. The rational-actor perspective, considers the facts as being rationally thought-out by one person. The organizational behavior perspective, focuses on studying standard operating procedures of the involved institutions. And the political actor perspective, illustrates how different external stakeholders influence decisions. In this way his thesis Innovation Politics gives a thorough insight in this interesting history. In 2013 Evert-Jan got his PhD degree at the University of Amsterdam.

For the foundation SIC he advises on the Dutch National Economic Forum, that was organized from 2015 to 2017. In 2017 Evert-Jan writes the Agenda voor de Industrie (Agenda for Industrial Sectors), directions for more labour productivity, better employment and more competitiveness.

Cultural Changes in the Construction Sector

Cultural Changes in the Construction Area

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