Emelieke Huisman

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Function: Researcher, PhD candidate
Research Group: Technology for Healthcare Innovations

Email: emelieke.huisman@hu.nl

Telephone: 088 481 5200

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Emelieke Huisman MSc graduated in 2008 at the Faculty of Architecture, major Real Estate and Housing, at Delft University of Technology. She conducted a study on real estate management in general hospitals. Currently she works with the research group Demand -driven Care of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht as a researcher and PhD-candidate. The focus of her study is on the domain of healing environments. 

  • 2010 - present Researcher at the Research Group for Demand-driven Care, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht .
  • 2010 - present Lecturer Real Estate Management (HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht). She coaches graduates in the fields of real estate development, project management and urban development.
  • 2009 - 2010 Consultant at Ten Kroode & Van Zee, organisation consultancy.

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