Els Diekerhof

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Function: Researcher, PhD candidate
Research Group: Cross-Media Quality Journalism

Email: els.diekerhof@hu.nl

Telephone: 088 481 3623

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Els Diekerhof Phd project is titled “Principles and Practices of Journalistic Information Gathering and Verification in the Digital Age.” This project is relevant for the professional practices of journalism in that it addresses the consequences of the structural transformation of the profession, with specific references to the praxis, ethics and consequences of gathering and verifying of information online. Diekerhof participates in the ASCA Research Group Journalism Studies (University of Amsterdam) and in the J-lab Researchgroup (University of Aplied Sciences Utrecht).

Diekerhof teaches at the Utrecht School of Journalism. Her teaching subject are Journalistic Research, Investigative Journalism, Sociology and Comparative Cultural Studies.

From 1991 until 1997 Diekerhof was principal of the Utrecht School of Journalism. She started her career as a junior-researcher in the field of sociology of education at the SISWO- Research Institute. She also worked at the Union of Journalists and with the Foundation Women and Media. She is co-author of the first feminist journalism study in the Netherlands: Voor zover plaats aan de perstafel. (If room in the press area).

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