Deborah de Jong

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Function: teacher-researcher
Research Group: Research Group Innovations in Preventive Care


Telephone: 06 - 38763311

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Function: teacher-researcher

Deborah de Jong MSc is a dental hygienist and clinical epidemiologist. As a dental hygienist she worked in different dental practices and hospitals. Deborah is interested in special needs dental care. She will be doing research about screening oral pathology by dental professionals. With this research Deborah want to contribute to the professional development of dental hygienists. 

Deborah started teaching at Hogeschool Utrecht School of Dental Hygiene in 2006. Today she is chair of the focus group ‘Special Needs Dental Care’ and teaching this subject to Dental Hygienestudents. She is also a tutor for the Bachelorthesis and Bachelor-internship. Deborah likes to teach student how to do research and how to perform evidence based dental hygiene during their internship.
For her masterthesis in clinical epidemiology Deborah performed a systematic review and meta-analysis about the effect of whitening dentifrice on staining.