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Function: Researcher
Research Group: Cooperative Entrepreneurship


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Dr. Beverly Pasian is an experienced researcher, educator and collaborator in the field of project management. A native Canadian (with dual Irish citizenship), she has lived in multiple global cities and been educated at leading universities in Canada, the UK, Australia and France.

Early steps in her career involved the management of online projects for both Environment Canada and the Department of National Defence (Canada). These experiences confirmed two things for her: a commitment to projects with an educational purpose or other similar societal goals, and an interest in deepening her understanding of how these projects were implemented. A master’s degree in online and distance education (Open University, UK, 2000) and professional doctorate in project management followed (University of Technology Sydney, 2011).

Building international collaborations has always been a motivation for Beverly. Seeking employment and further research projects outside her native Canada followed her first doctorate…which lead her to the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (2010). Teaching, research and publishing in the units of Cooperative Entrepreneurship, Business, ICT and Innovation, as well as for the Institute of Business Management Studies.

It’s been at the HU where her enthusiasm for understanding and teaching of research methods has deepened. Multiple teaching posts at universities in the Netherlands, France and Germany have resulted from this expertise along with books specializing in research methods of project management. A new book focusing on the specific needs of students conducting research applied sciences is in development.

Research collaborations have spanned the globe to examine project management from various industry, sector and topical perspectives (including project management maturity, e-Learning, and ‘human factors’). She will now be extending these efforts to look at how smart cities improve the quality of life of its citizens through climate action.

Publications have always been a significant and satisfying aspect of her career. Published on the topics of e-Learning project management, research methods and case studies unique to Canada have been achievements thus far. In a new, pioneering publication combining here interests with socially responsible project management research and international research collaborations that is a central element of her professional life. Project Management Research & Practice is the first journal to focus exclusively on these dimensions as they relate to public priorities (such as the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals). A full launch is planned for 2019.

Finally, it’s important to mention Beverly’s extensive involvement in professional associations. She was the founding President of the Project Management Association of Canada (2007-10) and the first recipient of its Fellowship award. For the IPMA Netherlands member association, she was its representative for the international IPMA Research Management Board (2012-14), expert member on several research projects, chair of the Dutch National Research Group (2013-15) and was the academic program lead for the 2014 World Congress in Rotterdam. In the spring of 2020 she will Chair the IEEE’s conference for its Technology & Management Society with a focus on digital transformation.