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Function: Professor
Research Group: Working with Mandated Clients


Telephone: (0031) 88 481 92 14

Anneke Menger is professor of the Working with Mandated Clients research group at the Faculty of Society & Law at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Previously, she was a board member of the Institute of Social Work at the same faculty and manager of the programme in Social Work and Social Services at Hogeschool De Horst in Driebergen before it merged with HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Between 1997 and 2003, she worked at Transfergroep Rotterdam as project manager for a number of national innovation projects commissioned by organizations such as the Oranje Fonds, Reclassering Nederland (the Netherlands probation service), City of The Hague, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Werkgelegenheid Utrecht (Employment Opportunities Utrecht). Prior to that, she worked for many years at Hogeschool Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences as a member of the management team for the study programme in Social Work and Social Services and as a lecturer and project leader. In the course of her career, she has also carried out a great deal of applied research and published articles and books on themes such as probation work, debt counselling and employment support.

Research with a practical focus

Her Working with Mandated Clients research group conducts applied research for and with social professionals who work in the context of correction and rehabilitation, such as probation supervisors, group leaders in Youth Custody Institutions, family supervisors in Youth Care or supervisors in detention and rehabilitation centres. These professionals provide a combination of care, treatment and assistance with risk management and control. Their work requires a high standard of professionalism, effective methods, specific skills and targeted training. The research group seeks to make a contribution in this field.

Themes of the research programme

The research programme has two lines of inquiry. The first is ‘professionalism among staff in correction and rehabilitation’, in which factors of general effectiveness are the primary concern. The second line of research is ‘continuity in the corrective process’, which focuses mainly on the coherence between interventions. In addition to its research work, the group also focuses on developing teaching activities at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Co-financing from the professional field

This professorship is an initiative of Reclassering Nederland (Netherlands Probation Service), the Addiction Rehabilitation Foundation, the Salvation Army, the Department of Youth Care and Probation and HU. These partners also contribute to the research group through cofinancing.

Working with Mandated Clients

Working with mandated clients

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