Research group Working in Correction and Rehabilitation

More than 20,000 professionals work in correction and rehabilitation in the Netherlands. These include people such as probation officers, group leaders in Youth Custody Institutions, family supervisors in Youth Care or supervisors in detention and rehabilitation centres. All these professionals are responsible for supervising children or adults who pose a danger or who are themselves at risk. They provide a combination of care, treatment and supervision with discipline. They work on the boundary between social integration and security. Their work requires a high standard of professionalism, effective methods, specific skills and targeted training. The Working with Mandated Clients research group aims to contribute to existing knowledge through practical studies.

Research into professionalism and continuity

The research group conducts research with, in and for professional practitioners and focuses on two lines of research. The first research line relates to professionalism in the penal system: how can professionals contribute to the desired changes in clients and to enhanced security through their approach and behaviour? The second line of research focuses on continuity: what can we do to improve consistency between the different forms of intervention? Within these lines of research, a number of studies are taking place, some of which will lead to PhD research.

Developing the programme content

In addition to its research work, the group also focuses on developing teaching activities at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. Until recently, penal methodology had received very little attention. This meant that newcomers to the sector were ill-prepared for their work. The research group therefore helps to prepare these professionals in various ways. This is often done in collaboration with other universities of applied sciences and institutions in the field.

This research group is sponsored by the Netherlands Probation Service, the Addiction Rehabilitation Foundation GGz, the Salvation Army Youth Care and Rehabilitation.

Film about the research group

Get to know the staff and research work of the Working with Mandated Clients research group.

Joep Hanrath’s doctoral research

The researcher Joep Hanrath of the Working in Working with Mandated Clients research group gained his PhD on 26 September 2013 from Utrecht University. Read the summary of his doctoral thesis ‘Keeping the balance; on the problem of order in Dutch juvenile offenders institutions’. In the afternoon, during a symposium at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Hanrath also gave a lecture dedicated to his doctoral research.