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The 'Debt and Debt Collection’ think tank focuses on (further) improving cooperation between the parties involved in the fields of debt and debt collection. It does this by encouraging the mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences between bailiffs, social workers and debt counsellors. By working with teachers, we ensure that the insights generated will find a place in the curriculum, improving the programmes in Social Legal Services, Social Work and Services, HBO Law and Bailiff training.

Bailiff students, students of Social Work and Services and Social Legal Services

The think tank is a network of bailiffs, social workers and debt counsellors, all of whom are involved in enhancing mutual cooperation between these groups. Teachers from the programmes mentioned above are also involved. The Professional Practice of Law research group, programme line in debts and debt collection, also plays a facilitating role.

The driving forces behind the think tank are currently Lilith Brouwer (, Ineke van den Berg (, Julia den Hartogh ( and Marc Anderson (


The activities of the think tank will depend on the requirements that come to light. There will in any case be a series of meetings held on the subject of mutual cooperation between the various professional groups.

This website will soon provide details of the think tank’s meetings and other relevant news. The website also provides information on the members involved. This gives members the opportunity to find those whom they can share information with.


Participant:  Professional role:  Organization: 
Yves Wolbers  Social Work and Services 
Vera de Groen Social Work and Services  Cumulus Welzijn (Cumulus Welfare) 
Martijn Vetketel  Social Work and Services / Social Legal Services  Cumulus Welzijn (Cumulus Welfare) 
Jenny Wildenbos  Social Work and Services  Cumulus Welzijn (Cumulus Welfare) 
Colette Peverelli  Social Legal Services Kredietbank Nederland (Netherlands Credit Bank) 
Tjerk van den Bos  Social Legal Services  Civic Zeeburg 
Tom Appelboom  Social Legal Services  PLANgroep 
Hans Mulder  Bailiff services  -
G. Boels  Bailiff services  LAVG Bailiffs
Hans Nijhuis  Bailiff services  -
Henk de Boer  Bailiff services  Flanderijn 
Petronella Stockman  Bailiff services   
Anne Brouwers  Social Work and Services  Centrum Vaartse Rijn 
Karianne Vogel  Social Work and Services Centrum Vaartse Rijn 
Nikita van Dijkhuizen  Social Work and Services  Centrum Vaartse Rijn 
Carlijn Roeleveld  Social Work and Services  -
Sanne Monster  Social Work and Services  -
Arjan Wenning  Bailiff services  LAVG Bailiffs  
Jochem Meeuwsen  Bailiff services  LAVG Bailiffs 
Erna Splint  Bailiff services  LAVG Bailiffs 

Facilitators: Lilith Brouwer (, Ineke van den Berg (, Julia den Hartogh ( and Marc Anderson (


Are you interested in finding out what the Debt and Debt Collection think tank could do for you (or what you could do for the think tank)? Please contact Marc Anderson,