Social impact of sustainable communities

This line of research focuses on the development of sustainable communities or sustainable community development. As far as the notion of sustainability is concerned, its meaning is based on the United Nations sustainable development goals, and more specifically, on that of sustainable cities and communities. In this line of research, the focus is on strengthening networks and communities; on ways of working that can be aggregated on the same level, and thus not on individual or group-oriented interventions. Furthermore, the emphasis in this line of research is also on social participation issues in the socio-pedagogical-educational ecosystem in the Utrecht urban region.

To sum up, the question guiding the development of knowledge in this line of research, is:

  • How can the development of sustainable communities (community development) be deployed,

  • by social, pedagogical and/or educational professionals,

  • in cooperation with the people (citizens, clients) directly concerned,

  • in terms of activation, development, connection and/or prevention,

  • in such a way that it contributes to the promotion of social participation and social urban development in the Utrecht urban region,

  • aimed at improving the quality of living together in an urban environment?

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