Research group Participation and Urban Development

What can be done to increase participation of citizens in Dutch Society? What is the role of social professionals? The Participation and Urban Development Research Group elaborates on these kind of issues.


Participation means “taking part in something”. This can be society as a whole or specific segments of society like the labour market, social networks, social care services or politics. The research group focuses on different kinds of participation: in neighbourhoods, schools, (sport)clubs and society as a whole.

Social professionals

Though citizens themselves are responsible for their participation in society in the first place, sometimes problems do arise, differing from integration issues to social isolation, shortage of volunteers or (experienced) discrimination. In those circumstances social professionals can play an important role. In the research group we inquire what professionals can do to solve these problems, or even better to prevent them from arising.

Research Lines

Within our group we have three lines of research:

  • Growing up as a team game
  • Forms of self-organization
  • Sport and Society  

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