Research line: Productivity

In recent decades, the Dutch economy has grown steadily. This growth is mainly due to the fact that more people, particularly women, are in employment. What is also remarkable is that productivity per worker has hardly increased at all over recent years: since 2000, this increase has been only 0.5%. This is a concern not only for shareholders of companies, but it is also a threat to the prosperity of our society. We therefore use this line of research to focus on increasing productivity.

Efficiency and effectiveness

When we speak of increasing productivity, what we really mean is efficiency and effectiveness. It is about producing more in the same amount of time and with the same number of people. But it is also about better performance and achieving better results. As far as non-profit organizations are concerned, raising productivity is crucial for their right to existence. As far as commercial companies are concerned, raising productivity is a prerequisite for growth. That growth is not only good for the companies themselves, but also for the economy and the prosperity of our society as a whole. After all, a stronger economy means that there is more money to spend on education, healthcare, culture and leisure.

Social innovation as a means

Social innovation is essential to raise productivity. Social innovation focuses primarily on innovative methods of organization and the working process. How can this process be managed efficiently? Which form of organization should we choose? Which position should the employee have? And which leadership style is most effective? In addition, social innovation focuses on developing the talent of employees. How can they achieve their full potential? How can they develop further? How can they expand their knowledge? And how do you ensure that their knowledge leads to an increase in production? This requires focused HRM policies and well qualified HRM professionals.

Projects at SMEs, research universities and universities of applied sciences

In this line of research, we focus on - among other things - SMEs, research universities and universities of applied sciences. We look at how social innovation can play a role here, and what that means for the HRM policy. To this end, we are conducting a number of research and consultancy projects.