Research line: Professionalization

The Organising change in the public domain research group aims to help to find solutions for social issues and organizational issues. We do this by promoting professionalization among those who work in HR. It is these professionals who have to carry out this work in practice, and who will need to implement policies to ensure that employees can develop, that work processes run efficiently and that the organization is structured effectively. The research carried out within the Professionalization research line aims to support them in this.

Developing a professional attitude to their work

In this line of research we focus on HR professionals, as well as students and teachers of HR. We think it is important that they develop their own vision of the nature and importance of their profession and their (future) professional duties and responsibilities. To develop that vision, we want to provide them with the knowledge and understanding that have been developed within professional practice. The aim of this is to ensure that they can exercise their profession adequately and can reflect on it continuously with their colleagues.

Transferring our knowledge and research results

To achieve this goal, we ensure that all the knowledge we generate through our research work benefits the field of professional practice. This means that we transfer this knowledge in all kinds of different ways to lecturers, students and professionals. For example, we do this by means of reports, guest lectures, readings, workshops and publications. But also by contributing to the development and adaptation of (modules within) the educational curriculum. For example, we are currently developing a module for the Master’s programme in Social Work at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and we are also contributing to a course in the Master’s programme in Strategic HRM at Utrecht University.