Research group Organising Change in the Public Domain

There are numerous ways in which social innovation can be defined at the level of the organization of labour. All these definitions are about increasing labour productivity and improving business performance, while at the same time enhancing the physical and mental well-being of employees and devoting more attention to developing talent. These are also the goals that are central to the programme of the Organising change in the public domain research group.

However, we add an extra dimension to this by looking from a social perspective too. We investigate how social innovation in organizations can contribute to tackling labour market problems and higher labour market participation as a means of social integration. This includes themes like age-conscious personnel policy, diversity management, health policy and employing those at the bottom of the labour market.

“How can social innovation in forms of labour organization contribute to both the business performance and the improved functioning of the labour market and increased labour market participation in our society?" That is the overarching question of our research which involves both (semi-) public organizations in the public sector (such as research universities, universities of applied sciences and healthcare institutions) and private-sector companies and organizations.

Research Lines

The research group focuses its research on the following research lines:

Our research and the results that it produces contribute both to the professionalization of personnel and organizational management (HRM policy), and to the teaching of HR as a field.


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