Research Group Knowledge analysis societal security

This research group focuses on the field of security in society and research at the interface of safety and security. This is a broad field of research. It ranges from practical matters such as individual or community-based prevention projects - through municipalities, the police, the judiciary, the prison and probation services - to security and safety policy and research.

The group aims to generate insight and knowledge in order to improve the way in which the Netherlands makes its society more secure and safe. Through education, training and publications, the research group also contributes to the professionalization of the people working in this field.

Research Lines

The research group focuses its research on the following research lines:

  • Professionalism
  • Continuity / Integrality

Special professor

This research group has appointed a special professor: Menno van Duin. He focuses on issues and research at the interface between safety and security. The appointment is funded by Veiligheidsregio Utrecht (VRU), an organization which brings together all the municipalities in the Utrecht region for the purposes of disaster prevention and crisis management.


Visiting address:
Daltonlaan 300
3584 BK Utrecht


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