Research group Innovative Social Services

The Innovation of Social Work research group is headed by professor Dr. Lia van Doorn. Its aim is to improve and innovate education and practice in the social domain. This is achieved through practice-based research. Our research results are made public in scientific and professional publications, but are also translated into concrete guidelines for professional practice, such as professional development programmes, teaching methods and instruments.

Four themes receive our specific attention:

The research group consists of a fixed core of researchers who form an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in social work, sociology, ethics, educational science, social work and sociology. This team is regularly reinforced by teachers from the Institute of Social Work of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, and overtly seeks cooperation with other research groups and institutes, including the Institute for Nursing.
The research group also focuses on the world beyond HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. We strive for sustainable partnerships with institutions in the professional field as well as practitioners themselves. The institutions and practitioners involved participate as active partners in our research. They play an active role in the realization and execution of research and contribute to the implementation of the results. The research group also maintains relations with a network of lecturers and academics at home and abroad.


Visiting adress:
Padualaan 101
3584 CH Utrecht
Postal adress:
Postbus 85397
3508 AJ Utrecht
088 - 481 92 22