Research group Innovative Social Services

This research group is a joint initiative by the Oranje Fonds and the Dutch Association of Social Workers. It focuses on service provision and assistance for clients with complex problems, with a particular focus on the role of moral judgments and evaluation by social work professionals.

Social work professionals are often faced with morally charged questions in the course of their work. Holding clients to account for their behaviour requires clarity about which behaviours are, in fact, desirable. Which standards and values can serve as a benchmark? The research group seeks to support the professional community when it comes to evaluating their own moral judgements carefully and helping create the right conditions for doing this within their organizations. For example, research has been done, with educators and professionals from the field, into morality when assisting young mothers.

Research Lines

The research group focuses its research on the following research lines:

  • Clients with complex problems
  • Moral judgements

Special professor

The research group also has a special professor: Maarten van der Linde. He focuses on the history of social work. The goal is to reinforce historical awareness among both professionals and the programmes.


Visiting adress:
Padualaan 101
3584 CH Utrecht
Postal adress:
Postbus 85397
3508 AJ Utrecht
088 - 481 92 22