Research group Normative Professionalization

The Normative Professionalization research group was established in June 2012 with the aim of giving shape to the professional identity of teachers.

Teachers are constantly developing in their professional capacity. In order to help to guide this development properly, it is important to reflect on a number of important issues, such as: 

  • What does a teacher give to a student?
  • What is important for the teacher?

These questions are related to the teacher’s professional identity. The research group conducts research into how this professional identity comes into being. The group also focuses on ensuring that personal development and fulfilment become embedded within the Faculty of Education’s programmes.

‘The normative dimension’ of the professional activities of the teacher is central to our work. This dimension is developed through a number of studies into subjects such as: dealing with moral dilemmas, the personal and philosophical backgrounds of teachers, and the changing image of the profession among trainee teachers. A fourth theme is citizenship education.

For teachers, for example, it is important to maintain a dialogue with the students, managers and policy makers at the educational institution at which they work. There is the chance to discuss, among other things, moral dilemmas, rules of engagement and the application of rules in the educational environment.

The teacher assumes a central position in all the research work carried out by our group. A varied selection of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers has joined our research group. The broad aim is to improve the quality of teacher education at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht through research.

In addition to the HU-members the following researchers are part of this group:

Just like the other research groups based at the Research Centre for Education Research, this research group focuses on pedagogical-didactic activities. This work is inspired by factors such as public interest in the teaching profession. Our research results and findings are incorporated into the curriculum of the programmes. At the same time, we work to improve the research potential of the Faculty.


Visiting address:
Padualaan 97
3584 CH Utrecht

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 14007
3508 SB Utrecht

Ellen Enis
+31 88 481 72 94

Associate professor