Research Group Methodology of Practice-Based Research

The research group for Methodology of Practice-Based Research (MPO) makes an important contribution to the further professionalization of applied research in the Netherlands. The research group focuses on applied research across all disciplines of higher professional education (HBO), from technology to education and from healthcare to the arts.

Together with his knowledge network, Professor of MPO Dr Daan Andriessen carries out research into the methods used in applied research in higher professional education, as well as into the didactic methods used to teach both students and teaching staff to carry out this kind of research.

Target group

The research group works for the whole of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht as well as for other comparable institutions of higher education in the Netherlands and abroad (Universities of Applied Sciences). In addition, the research group is relevant to all universities and research institutions where applied research takes place, such as TNO, the Public Health Service, research agencies and government ministries.

Research themes

Applied research has a specific, unique character that requires a specific methodology and didactics. In the Netherlands this is the focus of insufficient attention at the current time. Not many comparisons are made between research trends, research methods and research techniques when it comes to their practical application. The Methodology of Applied Research research group aims to remedy this situation. It conducts research into:

  • methodological choices in applied research;
  • applied research in vocational education;
  • the evaluation of research skills.

What can we do for you?

You can approach us for advice on:

  • how to combine practical relevance and methodological rigour in applied research;
  • how to design applied research in Bachelor's and Master's programmes, particularly regarding the curriculum and supervision;
  • assessment tools for assessing the research skills of students, lecturers, researchers and those active in professional practice.

The professorship provides introductions, gives workshops, conducts training and develops useful products relating to the above themes. If you are interested in our work or if you have any ideas about collaborating with us, please contact us.