Centre for Innovation in Healthcare

The Centre for Innovation in Healthcare of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht carries out applied research into patient healthcare, with the aim of improving the health and well-being of patients. All its research focuses on enabling people with a disease to live longer in an independent and self-reliant manner. The research centre conducts research in the field of elderly and family care, exercise and health, speech therapy, the implementation of pharmaceutical innovations and the use of technology in healthcare. The Centre for Innovation in Healthcare consists of a number of research groups that focus on the same areas in which the Faculty of Healthcare educates professionals.

The centre’s partners from the field of professional practice include:

Applied research

An essential requirement for all our research is that demand for it comes from professional practice, or that the research is immediately recognized as relevant by professional practice. The results of research conducted by the centre will lead not only to the acquisition of scientific knowledge, but will also be applied in professional practice.

The research groups actively contribute their knowledge to partners in professional practice through lectures, seminars, presentations and workshops. A thorough grounding in professional practice is further guaranteed by the fact that the professors are, in a range of different capacities, involved in societies and healthcare institutions within their respective disciplines, and have concluded agreements with various healthcare institutions and hospitals. Representatives from professional practice also participate - on their own initiative and at the request of the centre - in research and actively participate in the development of knowledge, making sure that this new knowledge is circulated.

Results for education

The professors, experts in their field, are the driving force behind the centre. They deploy their knowledge and experience to promote research and innovation within the professional field. The professors are supported by researchers, who typically combine this role with teaching activities. This combination leads to excellent connections between the research groups and the university’s degree programmes, facilitating the transfer of new knowledge from research to teaching.

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht encourages its teachers to participate in their field and also to carry out doctoral research within it. Many students are also actively involved in conducting applied research. This is one reason why they will be excellently equipped to play a role in professional practice.

About the research groups

The Centre for Innovation in Healthcare consists of various research groups. Each research group focuses on several research lines. These are areas or themes in which one or more (doctoral) research studies are being carried out. The research groups in the Centre for Innovation in Healthcare are as follows:

  • Chronic Diseases
    People are living longer and are therefore more likely to live with chronic conditions. The work of this research group helps develop solutions to enable these elderly people to live independently for longer.
  • Process Innovation in Pharmaceutical care
    How can we ensure that pharmaceutical innovations reach healthcare providers and patients as quickly and efficiently as possible, and that these innovations are deployed in the right way? These are the core questions for this research group. 
  • Lifestyle and Health
    How are physical activity and fitness related? And which factors influence those relationships, especially in people with medical conditions or disorders? This research group is searching for the answers to these questions.
  • Speech and Language Therapy
    Speech therapists provide primary treatment for children with a language developmental disorder. By researching the effectiveness of therapies, this research group helps to make speech therapy more effective.
  • Demand-Driven Care
    To enable people to function independently for as long as possible and make decisions about their own healthcare needs for as long as possible. That is the goal of the research done by the demand-driven healthcare research group.

Research priority area

The Centre for Innovation in Healthcare is affiliated to the Healthcare and Technology Priority Area. This research priority area focuses on research that connects two trends: the rapidly increasing number of elderly people and the proliferation of technological innovations. The focus is on how technology can respond to potential demand for healthcare and be used preventatively.


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