Research Lines

The research group will focus on three lines of research that coincide with the three requirements for transition: people must want it, be capable of it and implement it. The research is thus about motivation and behaviour, constructability and scalability.

  • Motivation and behaviour: the end user experiences an intrinsic motivation or demand. How can we convert this intrinsic motivation into ‘professional’ commissioning practice and/or consistent, energy-conscious behaviour? The relationship with functional use, manoeuvrability, but also aesthetics/beauty and ownership play a role in this regard as well. The research group therefore also interacts with researchers elsewhere at HU in the areas of co-creation, social innovation and gaming.
  • Constructible buildings and area systems: what does it take to turn a combination of engineering, technical engineering and electronic components into an effective, energy-neutral building or area? Which technologies, when combined, provide the desired functional performance in terms of energy, building physics, maintenance and economics? And how can we ensure that the theoretical performance of such systems is achieved in actual practice?
  • Scalability: which systems are suitable for upscaling upon introduction from building to city or to area, and even on a national scale? Which old or new barriers will need to be taken down, and what will this mean for technology and for the actors and their roles in practice?