Research Line Prevention

In this research line, we search for evidence for preventative interventions. The screening of speech and language development is one of the basic tasks within healthcare for children and adolescents.

However, there is no uniform method for identifying language development problems (secondary prevention) or action that may prevent language development problems (primary prevention). There is a focus on using tools to identify language development problems early, promoting cooperation between professionals in healthcare for children and adolescents, developing sustainable knowledge among professionals in healthcare for children and adolescents, and evaluating the triggers and initiation of healthcare in different communities and regions. Among adults, prevention focuses on identifying language disorders caused by a brain injury and preventing miscommunication between patients and their environment such as with a partner or family, and between patients and healthcare professionals. What is best practice when it comes to translating communications advice into the environment: what is the result of the information meeting with the family and card club? Can a physiotherapist apply communications advice when explaining a physical exercise? Does the professional understand that the patient means 'no' means when he or she says ‘yes’?