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‘We can contribute to your business and research. Let’s see what opportunities there are!’
The Utrecht region is evolving into the primary central location for entrepreneurship in the life sciences; activity in this area is continuing to intensify. The Utrecht Science Park (USP) at De Uithof is a busy centre for scientific research in this area. Utrecht University, the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Danone Innovation Centre for specialist nutrition and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht are all based here.
In mid-2015, our lab (currently based in the FC Dondersstraat) will also relocate to the USP (Heidelberglaan 7). After our institute has moved to the USP, we will be located in the same building as the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht Faculty of Healthcare. This will represent an additional incentive for cooperation with our partners.

We can make our facilities, knowledge, staff and students available to your company for research and development purposes. At our current location we have already gained experience of working on research in partnership with SMEs and partners of large companies and institutions. We want to expand these activities in our new laboratory in Utrecht Science Park. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. We can work with you, our students and researchers in large, open and innovative consortia. Or perhaps as part of a business-to-business relationship.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.