Pharmaceutical products

The research line in pharmaceutical products focuses on the development of medicines.

It usually takes a long time before a new drug can be used by patients. Testing, registration, coverage by health insurance - it is not unusual for all this to take up to ten years. This means that during all that time, patients cannot use the new pharmaceutical product. But the long waiting time is also a disadvantage to the industry, because it shortens the period within which their patent is effective. The research group is therefore working on an overview of the playing field in innovative drug research. Which parties play a role in that? What are the Netherlands’ strengths as a country where research takes place? And where are the potential opportunities and threats? Such an overview can help industry and research institutes to make the Netherlands (even) stronger as a country where research takes place.
Another interesting subject for research is the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry. The research group will examine - on an international basis - how the image of the innovative pharmaceutical industry has evolved and to what extent 'social marketing' techniques can affect this image.