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The current proposal is embedded in the TASTE project (ZonMw 520001002), in which current collaboration with regard to this subject is formalized between the HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and the University Medical Center of Utrecht. TASTE is coordinated by the Center of Nursing Science, but is in fact a collaboration between national and international leading researchers (focusing on self-management, behavior change, eHealth and patient participation).

 The TASTE research group aims by joint forces to unravel the success of self-management and eHealth and tries to answer what actually works for which patient. This knowledge will be translated in tailored interventions that meet individual patient’s needs and preferences. The M-ACZiE project fits in these ambitions since the development aims to pursue tailoring. TASTE has access to large patients groups in both primary and secondary care. The combination of disease specific, behavioral, methodological and medical technology (eHealth) expertise of the partners in the TASTE consortium will contribute to the broad competence needed for the success of M-ACZiE.

The TASTE consortium aims to substantially increase efficiency and (cost)-effectiveness of self-management support and eHealth strategies in patients with chronic diseases. The general aim of this research group is to develop knowledge for the development of tailored care innovations tailored to individual patients. Through state-of-the-art research the TASTE project seeks to generate new knowledge needed to answer the question which type of intervention works best in which patient profile. This is an important first step towards tailored chronic care. The research structure and expertise of TASTE gives a boost to initiating new empirical research and generation of funding. Consolidation of this research project, generating high quality scientific output, is being enhanced by collaboration with other national and international universities. Involvement of experienced self-management and eHealth developer from Linköping University (Sweden), Stanford University (California, USA), McGill University (Canada), Pace University (USA) and the University of Leuven (Belgium) make an important contribution to necessary multidisciplinary expertise of the research team.

Chronic Illnesses

Nursing and Allied Health care for people with chronic illnesses

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